Pinot Co., Ltd. is a company specializing in digital printing and precision processing.

Pinot Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer specializing in digital printing and precision processing and produces products in various design industries, from live output, outdoor advertising, and store signatures to design goods.
Through investment in many high-tech facilities and 100% direct production, we will be a reliable partner who realizes customer satisfaction with high quality, reasonable price, and fast production.


UV flatbed printing to precision processing at once

It has many of the latest facilities and is of the highest quality.

It specializes in producing high-quality design products based on a number of special output printers and precision processing facilities, including ultra-high resolution UV flat printers.
It provides printing services that can be applied to various materials and products, including acrylic goods, key rings, and cell phone case printing, as well as store signatures, life-size stands, and product displays.


How to works



Please deliver the design data and product specifications via webhard, Kakao Talk, or e-mail!



I will send you the final data and estimate after checking with the person in charge.



We produce the product with the best equipment for the work you requested.



We receive it directly in the near area, and ship it by courier or freight in the far area.


We provide high quality manufacturing services based on 100% self-production.

UV Flatbed Specialist

It has UV plate equipment that can be printed directly on a wide range of material surfaces, from acrylic, formax to paper, glass, leather, and metal.

Various Digital Printing

From banners, banners, window seats to vehicle wrapping outputs, it provides a wide range of live output that can be easily seen around.

CNC/Laser Precision Processing

We have many CNC, acrylic lasers, and large cutting machines, and we provide shape processing and cutting services of various materials.

Outdoor Advertising/LED Signboards

We produce signboards for indoor and outdoor use, such as frame signboards and LED channel signboards, and produce high-quality signboards with good materials.

High quality character goods

From acrylic key rings to cell phone cases and stand figures, it boasts high-quality goods production with ultra-high resolution and durability.

the latest production facilities

We have a variety of manufacturing facilities suitable for multi-variety production.

UV 평판프린터 1호기
UV 평판프린터 2호기
300W 레이저 1호기
300W 레이저2호기
고해상도 솔벤트 프린터 1호기
3.2M 강솔벤트 프린터 1호기
HP 라텍스 프린터
수성 프린터 1,2호기
4X8 디지털 커터
4X8 CNC 1호기
4X8 CNC 2호기
4X8 CNC 3호기(ATC)
초고해상도 평판 UV프린터 3호기
1.8M UV 프린터 1, 2호기
아크릴 경면기
1.8M 강솔벤트 프린터 2호기


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